Northwest Business Funding Complaints Procedure

Northwest Business Funding intends at all times to treat its clients and suppliers and all stakeholders fairly and with respect and all times we stive to ensure any interaction with Northwest Business Funding leaves a professional mark on that interaction. As part of the policy we intend to deal with any complaint of suggestion in a timely and professionals manner.

The stages set out below outline the process.

  1. You can contact us via email at accounts@nwbf.couk call the office line on 0161 246 6057.
  2. As soon as we have received you information , your name, the nature of your complaint and record the time and date of the complaint. The information will be recorded as a case on the company CRM system and assigned to the Managing Director.
  3. The Case will be given a case reference number and you will be notified of that number by the Managing Director within 24 hours
  4. We will begin a review of the information relating to the complaint and an initial report outlining the complaint will be generated and stored on the CRM system against the case number. You will receive a copy of this report
  5. The next stage will be to establish the root cause of the complaint and identify the reason for the occurance
  6. Following on from this a remedial action plan will be generated to ensure that the complaint cannot arise again or should not arise again. This ay include a change in processes or training of staff
  7. A final report will be generated that will be complied by the Managing Director and logged against the case. You will recieive a copy of this report. If you are then satisfied with the out come the case will be closed.
  8. If you are not satisfied with the outcome a call or telephone conversation will be arranged with eh Managing Director. The aim to understand what needs to be done and decide the next course of action. if that is agreed then the above steps will reoccur.
  9. If after the call you remain not satisfied you may contact the Financial Ombudsman at