SME FUNDING – Understand the process from a small business perspective.

We are constantly surprised by the lack of information that is available to SME’s in relation to funding their organisations. While the internet ‘sell funding’ the deep processes and risks attached to the loans and funding are often not fully understood by the business. We want to find out if this is just a representations of the people we have spoken with and experiences Northwest Business Funding has. We are opening this research with a simple survey. If you want to complete your detail all we will do is analyze the information if you would like to find out the results or get the overview we created then provide your email. It is an anonymous survey so no need to provide your contact details unless you want to we only ask for your company name and surname to allow us to sort and separate the data. We are interested only in the research statistics we create. We will not contact you unless you ask us to by leaving your email.

To take the survey click here. We will not contact you unless you request information in the form of results of the survey or the Lending Guide. It will take approximately 3 mins to complete.