trade finance manchesterNorthwest Business Funding Launches low cost Trade Finance Manchester

Trade Finance, Manchester  is a term used to pay for goods that are order with borrowed funds. The lender will often charge a fee “in” interest over the term of the loan and a fee “out” these fees and charges in moany cases are expensive with 3% in and out not being unusual for some trade finance companies.

Then there is the calendar term the funds are taken over; many companies will only cover a short term for example 12 weeks and during that time interest of 2 or 3% a month is not unusual

Northwest Business Funding has a wealth of international trade experience and understand that deposits and advance payments need to be made. Often many weeks before the goods arrive to be sold.  In this case trade finance Manchester can work but margins are cut due to high interest rates. This can often mean the difference between loss and profit on your trade deals.

With our new service backed by Institutional Funding, Northwest Business Funding can offer a low in fee very low interest fees and low exit fees, halving the cost of some established Trade Finance companies.

The Trade Finance Manchester offered by Northwest Business Funding can be quickly agreed and paid having the wealth of Institutional Funding behind it. The process is easy to start and we will work with you to ensure we understand all aspects of the transactions, your needs and your supplier needs

Trade Finance Manchester needs to be easier and Northwest Business Funding intend to that, by reducing costs, of borrowing you can gain greater margins and by delivering an efficient application process that ensures you that when you need it your trade finance will be available we will simply


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